“Storms make trees take deeper roots”

Adolescence is a stage in life full of questions, challenges, choices and great expectations. Taking a risk sometimes, exploring limitations, expressing your opinion , clashes with parents or teachers and taking on your own responsibility. You are developing your own identity and in need of appreciation for what you do. It feels important and to be accepted and respected by your friends and family for who you are.

Over the course of adolescence, the primary attention shifts from parents to the peer group. This allows you to loosen your dependence on the family and to build bonds outside the family, in order to become the best version of yourself. How would you accomplish this, when the international community you live in is one where you often have to say farewell to friends? How to build bonds with them when you move to different countries and live in different time zones? How to open your heart for new hellos when it is still full of the last farewell?

The demands at school feel harder when they are not known yet and without the support of a peer group it is even more difficult to meet the expectations.

So yes, adolescence can definitely be a challenging period! And talking to an independent counselor might help: someone who listens to you without judgement and supports you in dealing with the opportunities of becoming the person you want to be. Together we explore your qualities and how to strengthen them, so they will help you to enhance self confidence.

LosBinden voor kinderen

Storms & trees

It is my responsibility to create an atmosphere where you feel safe and heard without judgement, while you provide the issues that are bothering you. Do you recognize yourself in one of the following:

  • Do you feel like you fit in nowhere and everywhere?
  • Do you feel stressed about the future?
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Do you find it difficult to concentrate at school or when doing your homework?
  • Are you sad and/or angry on regular basis without exactly knowing the reason why?
  • Do you sometimes feel rootlessness?

Root your roots

A first orientation usually takes place together with your parents (up to 16 years of age). It is important that both you and your parents have confidence in my approach. If you would rather meet me separately first, you are more than welcome (age 12-16)

Sometimes you do not want to share certain information with your parents. I understand and respect that. That is why our sessions are confidential.*

*In cases of child abuse, suicidal threat to oneself, or harm others, I am required by the Dutch law to report such incidences to local authorities.

ouders met kind