“You can be in the storm,
but don't let the storm get in you”

Parents desire their child to continue developing healthy and happily, despite a divorce. Parents would like to gain understanding about their child's thoughts and feelings about the divorce and all the changes involved. Probably you would also like to recognize any alterations in behaviour and know what caused them. And last but not least, what appropriate arrangements would be in your specific family situation.

As Kindbehartiger I embrace and work according to the 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' and offer psychosocial support in a voluntary framework. It is not therapy or psychological treatment - as that is not always needed. As Kindbehartiger I offer support programs that make sure your child receives necessary (aftercare) and maintains his/her rightful place prior and during legal procedures.

Your child has the right to share his/her thoughts and feelings but it can be quite complicated to talk about the divorce and the changes that come with it. I listen to his/her personal story carefully and if necessary also explain legal procedures and decisions.

Together with your child , I will look for the best way to explain and voice this story towards you as parents and/or the legal field. This is the foundation from where further issues will be explored, such as:

  • A hands-on approach for the new family situation after the divorce
  • Tools for practical matters such as daily care and how to raise children after the divorce
  • Communication patterns between adults and how they affect your child
  • How to deal with emotions, both from your child and yourselves as parents and ex-partners
  • Connectivity with other professionals, authorities and the legal field when necessary

The Kindbehartiger's aim is to establish a sense of confidence and safety in every child going through their parents divorce.

Kindbehartiger voor de scheiding blauw

Before and during the divorce

The Kindbehartiger acts as a representative and confidential adviser especially for children whose parents are going through a divorce. Even if the divorce took place a while ago. The Kindbehartiger ensures your child's understanding of the current situation is clear and placed into perspective. Together we explore needs, wishes and expectations in alignment with the stage of social and emotional development.


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After the divorce

Children sometimes still feel the impact of a divorce many years later and express this externally and/or feel it  internally. For example weakened school results; bottled up anxious, sad or angry feelings; depressive thoughts; behavioural problems; turning their back on both or one of the parents/new partner. In these situations a Kindbehartiger can also offer support.

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