LosBinden and Nicoline

The anchor of LosBinden refers to giving grip and peace during emotional and unstable times in life.

The rope of the anchor symbolizes the skill to let go without losing the connection or the possibility to connect again.

From my early childhood I have spent a lot of time at sailing boats. Nowadays you can still find me and my family at, in or around the sea or endless lakes up North in the Netherlands. The infinity of the water around me has put my mind at ease more than once. With that in mind I hope the anchor of LosBinden could give guidance to you in a similar way.

Nicoline de Roos

  • Jeugdwelzijnswerker since 1992 (HBO-J Rotterdam)
  • Orthopedagoog since 1995 (Rijksuniversiteit Leiden)
  • Several years of work experience in the child- and youth psychiatry
  • Worked as account manager Healthcare in the temporary employment sector
  • 3 daughters completed my own family in 2000 and 2001
  • Lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, for 5 years
  • Returned to first passion as trained Youth Counselor (BGL Hoofddorp)
  • Certified as Kindbehartiger, Scheidingscoach en SCHIP-mediator

I am registered at the Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd (SKJ), number 110025485. SKJ registers professionals when they fulfill all requirements for professional competence and will continue to monitor quality and schooling.

The professional competence of the Kindbehartiger is monitored via the 'Stichting Kwaliteit Kindbehartiger' (www.kindbehartiger.nl/stichting-kwaliteit-kindbehartiger). LosBinden is affiliated with the professional association Kindbehartiger and also registered with the foundation, number BK-2017-106.

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