"Life's roughest storms prove the
strength of our anchors"

Moving home is a stressful life event. Moving from one country to another several times during your life, can be even more stressful. You probably get used to it too. Nonetheless, the goodbyes and new hellos are painful. You have to grieve well to leave well (David C. Pollock): In order to say a clear 'hello' you have to say a clear 'goodbye'.

A divorce definitely belongs in the top-3 stressful life events. Stressful for all family members; adults and children. Especially if this happens while living in another country, far away from family and home.

LosBinden offers support during these challenging periods of life. Specifically to teenagers who are already struggling with the demands of adolescence and dealing with the opportunities of becoming the person they want to be.

LosBinden voor kinderen

Youth Counselor

An independent counselor who offers support in dealing with issues that bother you, in order to strengthen your qualities and enhance self confidence. You have all the answers; together we will find them.

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The Kindbehartiger - Child's voice interpreter- acts as a representative and confidential adviser for children whose parents are going through a divorce. Even if the divorce took place a while ago and children still feel the impact of the changed family situation.

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